8 Incredible tips to preserve your fashion jewelry

Being India Women, we all are fond of wearing artificial jewelry and fashion jewelry. Beautiful neck
pieces, rings, danglers, jhumkas etc and our list goes endless when the festive season is going to
approach. But unfortunately, these jewelry pieces do not last long and tend to fade or break and may
causes skin irritation or rashes. Here are some important handling tips which will ensure that your
jewelry items will last long with full luster.
#1 Wear them occasionally
Wearing jewelry everyday or in daily routine make them fade away. Better wear them occasionally.
Artificial jewelry is affordable so get a nice collection in your box and wear them alternately.
#2 No perfume over jewelry
Perfume may carry chemicals which may tarnish the jewelry. So it is always recommended to apply
perfume before wearing your accessories.
#3Keep jewelry dry and clean
Water tarnishes the natural shine of the metals. Make sure your remove them while washing hands
(rings) or taking bath. Dry them up with paper towels and store them in a zip lock bag as moisture can
weaken the clasps.
#4 Impact with hard surfaces
Avoid making any impacts with hard objects as you may end up in a broken jewelry. Also, try to keep the
fashion jewelry in their original boxes and packing.
#5 Remove them at the end of day
After being back at home, remove your jewelry and make sure you don’t go to sleep with these. The
chances of breaking, loosening of clasps and fading away increases.
#6 Don’t try to clean a damaged piece
Do not try to clean a damaged or broken piece as exposing t to moisture or water may damage it
#7 Gentle cleaning
If you feel like that your jewelry is having some dust particles or is dirty, clean it using warm water and
mild detergent. Wipe it off with a soft cloth.
#8 Do not coat your jewelry
Many people try to coat jewelry with nail paints to give them a new color. Please do not follow this as
the product may lose it natural shine and when the coating wears off, it may chip off the original layer
of your jewelry. But you may use clear nail paint to coat the insides of rings in order to protect them
hurting your skin.
So, now you know everything to protect your jewelry, which will make it last forever!!!

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